March 3, 2009

Don't Throw That Button Away Swap!

SWAP UPDATE - April 26, 2009: This swap is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered. I will be in contact via e-mail today! Check back often for my next great swap! SWAP UPDATE - April 2, 2009: I have changed the dates for this swap due to my blog still being so new and not having many swappers sign up yet. If you have already signed up for this swap, hang in there! We'll get this swap rolling sooner or later! Thank You! After mailing out several of my handmade buttons this morning to a fellow swapper, I thought it might be fun to start my own swap. The handmade buttons and craft items that my swap partner mailed to me were so adorable and gave me such inspiration for new ideas. Take a minute to view PhatSheep's blog and check out her handmade crafts and fabrics. I have to admit I was a little late with mailing my swap items out due to being out of town and with it being my first swap but now I understand how easy it is and would like to encourage other people to participate in a swap they find interesting or even my swap that is starting today! Don't Throw That Button Away Swap Rules:
  • Sign up on my blog by leaving a comment to this post with either your blog address or name and e-mail address. If your e-mail address cannot be found on your blog, please make sure you include it in your comment.
  • Sign-up deadline will be the end of the day on April 23, 2009.
  • Each person will be assigned one partner and I will contact you by e-mail by April 26, 2009 with your partner's contact information. It will be up to you and your partner to exchange personal contact information such as your address, etc..
  • All swap items should be mailed by May 17, 2009. If you can't ship your item by that date, please contact your assigned partner and let them know that your item will be late.
  • If for some reason you won't be able to participate in this swap after already signing up, send me an e-mail and I'll substitute a partner for you.
  • I am leaving this swap very open with what color and types of buttons you would like to swap with your partner. After receiving their contact information, please take a minute to contact your swap partner and let them know a few of your favorite colors and things. Example: Flowers, animals, pink, red, etc....
  • Each swap should include a set of four handmade buttons that can be made out of your material of choice, four 5" x 5" pieces of fabric & one handmade craft item that is either made out of buttons or fabric.
  • Location: International
  • Swap Coordinator: Christy from Visualized By Christy
  • This is a very simple first swap that I am hosting and I welcome all creative people who love to create with buttons and fabric.
  • Please contact me with any questions!

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