May 27, 2009

Don't Throw That Button Away Swap (Closed) - Update!

While checking my mail yesterday, I was excited to receive a surprise package for myself. Not being certain what was inside this package, I soon discovered it was the items that my swap partner sent to me. Yippy! I posted my first swap on my blog the other month (now closed) but had to keep postponing the date due to not having any swappers sign up. Finally one day, Katie from Katie Crocker - A Young Wifey's Adventures In Homemaking signed up and all was good in the swapping world again! Although it was just the two of us, I headed out to the fabric store as soon as I received her e-mail, telling me what her favorite colors were, fabric patterns that she liked and all the need to know information that I was waiting for. An hour or two later, I was back from the fabric store and creating my items that I was going to hopefully surprise her with. Katie mentioned that she enjoyed images of animals, such as hedgehogs, rabbits, birds and also classic children books/illustrations. With my timing being perfect at the fabric store, I was able to find a few pieces of fabric with rabbits, birds and a children book theme to it. How awesome is that?!! Crafting away, my items are packaged and now on their way to Katie's mailbox. Hopefully she will be just as surprised as I was when I received her lovely fabric covered buttons, swatches of fabric and the amazing coasters that she made out of fabric. How great is that?! I can't even tell you how much I need some new coasters around the house. She must have been reading my mind! Thank you Katie for participating in my first blog swap. I love the items that you created for me and can't wait for you to receive your package. Hopefully you will be just as pleased! In case you would like a sneak peak at the items I mailed off to Katie today, here are a few pictures of the magnet set that I made, fabric covered buttons and my fabric swatches. I always did have a difficult time keeping a surprise to myself! Thanks again Katie for my fabulous swap items! NOTE: Keep a lookout for my June Swap everybody! Digg!

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