May 3, 2009

I Received My First Reward - Serene Friendship Award!

This morning I discovered that I was given The Serene Friendship Award from one of my blogging buddies (Leslie) over at Live, Love, Laugh With Leslie! What a wonderful surprise and Thank You! Leslie was given the Serene Friendship Award by her friend at Crazed Mind in case you would like to check out either of their blogs. Take a moment to help me thank Live, Love, Laugh With Leslie for passing on this award to me by visiting her blog and checking out all of the wonderful giveaway's and stories that she blogs about. Serene Friendship Award: I am happy that you give me Serenity with your words/e-mails/acts of kindness....Welcome to the Serene Friendship Award - To be awarded to people who make your life a little more calm...a little more peaceful...A bright ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. I would like to pass this award to a few blogger's that I have listed below who help me smile quit regularly.
  1. Helping Mommy's Win
  2. 3 Carnations
  3. The Material Girl Quilts
  4. Life Balancing Coach Bonnie
  5. Give Away Today
Please take your award and pass it on to 5 people who have made your day just a little bit better! That is the only rule. Just brighten up somebody's day today, just like you have brightened up mine! Congrats and Thank You! Visualized By Christy

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