June 11, 2009

Showing Off My New Blog Design That I Recently Won & I Love It!

Update - June 11, 2009: I recently won a blog lift from Katie over at The Polka Dot Pig Blogger. I am very proud and excited to share my new blog design with everybody. Katie from The Polka Dot Pig Blogger did such an awesome job on my blog design and she also completed it within a few hours. I left the entire creative vision and design up to her and I couldn't be more happy with the results! If you have a free moment, head on over to The Polka Dot Pig to check out some of Katie's other blog designs. She is so very creative and easy to work with. Thank You So Much Katie For My Blog Lift! I Absolutely Love It!! First Post - June 10, 2009: I Won The Polka Dot Pig Blogger Lift Giveaway! The Polka Dot Pig Blogger Lift Giveaway was hosted by The Army Wife and was a great giveaway to win. I won a blog design lift that includes a Header, Matching Wallpaper Sides, HTML Code Reformatted & A Custom Signature! What a great giveaway to win for a new blogger. Thank you so much to both The Army Wife and The Polka Dot Pig Blogger. Check back soon to see my new blog lift!!

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