July 22, 2009

Skin Free Skin Care - Buy One, Get One Free From Walgreens

Skin Free Skincare - Buy One, Get One Free!
Recently I was given the opportunity to review several products from Skin Free Skin Care. After receiving my products in the mail only last week, I have only had a few days into personally testing them out so far. With already seeing positive results in such a short amount of time, I feel compelled to help pass along this great deal. Until I am finished reviewing these Skin Free products in order to post a review on my blog, I would like to help support Skin Free by pointing out this great deal: In order for Skin Free Skin Care to stay local and on the shelf at Walgreens, we need extra support. Skin Free Skin Care is asking all of their friends and also those who would like a great deal to try their product to purchase any of the following items from their local Walgreens store: Once you have purchased one of the listed items from above, send your Walgreens receipt to Skin Free Skin Care & they will send you a FREE SKIN FREE GIFT PRODUCT of your choice from the list below: Each of the listed free gift products retails for $15.99 and can only be purchased online at SkinFree. What a great deal in order to try a new product for yourself. Click Here for more details and where to mail your information to. Enjoy!

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