September 2, 2009

Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector Review & Giveaway!

Protect-A-Bed - Premium Mattress Protector Review & Giveaway!
About a month ago, I was so excited to find out that I was being given an opportunity to review a product from Protect-A-Bed. I had read a lot about Protect-A-Bed products, but most of the reviews were from moms who raved about the Protect-A-Bed being such an awesome help for bed wetting or potty training situations. Many of the other reviews discussed how great it was as an aid with allergies and dust mites. I jumped at the opportunity to see if it could help with the current situation in our home that I haven't heard other reviews mention before. Our situation deals with those that might sweat more during the night and the toll that this can take on a mattress.
Not being sure if any other households experience this but my boyfriend sweats during the night, and sometimes to the point it saturates the standard mattress protector that we always tend to buy and use. We were always constantly washing sheets, mattress protectors, and trying to clean the stains and smell from the mattress or having to buy new products. We even tried using a plastic liner, however, it made the sweating worse. On top of making the problem worse, the plastic liner was noisy and annoying. I was very skeptical when I opened the Premium Mattress Protector that I received from Protect-A-Bed. It was pretty thin and light-weight with a unique backing and terry cloth type material on top. After a month of use, I can say without question this is one mattress protector that lived up to their claims. My boyfriend has yet to sweat through the Premium Mattress Protector from Protect-A-Bed and that alone has made me a very happy person, especially when it comes to laundry day. Laundry day was always an obstacle when it comes to trying to cram those thick mattress protectors into the washing machine, not to mention having to rearrange it in the dryer several times to make sure that it dries completely. That's why when it came to laundry day after receiving our Premium Mattress Protector from Protect-A-Bed, I was so excited to realize how easy it was to actually wash and dry. Finally! No more trying to protect our bed with products that hardly fit into our washing machines or end up throwing the entire machine off balance. Because it isn't bulky, it is much easier to fit in the washer, and doesn't take half the day to dry. When you wash the linens every other day, not having to stay by the dryer to keep flipping the mattress protector is a huge help. Another nice advantage with the Premium Mattress Protector being so thin is that my sheets actually fit better. We love our pillow top mattress but once you add a thick mattress protector, even the pillow top fitted sheets is tough to stretch over the mattress. Not my biggest concern in a mattress protector, but it was a nice perk. I have probably washed the Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector six or seven times already since receiving it. I have not noticed any sign of wear or breaking down and that alone has made me a very happy person. I am not sure of the expected life of this product, but it appears that it will hold up to excessive washing. Any product that will truly protect our mattress and reduce teh time I spend doing laundry gets my approval. Head on over to Protect-A-Bed's web site for more details, feedback and to also check out all of their wonderful products. You will be so happy that you gave this product a try! Thanks Protect-A-Bed!!!! WIN A Premium Mattress Protector from Protect-A-Bed! Protect-A-Bed has been so very kind and generous to allow one lucky reader the chance to win their very own (in your choice of size) Premium Mattress Protector. To Enter: Visit Protect-A-Bed's web site to take a look at their other great products and come back here let us know which product you like the most in a comment. For Extra Entries: Become a fan of Protect-A-Bed on Facebook and leave your username in a comment for one extra entry. Follow Protect-A-Bed on Twitter and leave your Twitter name in a comment for one extra entry. Blog about this giveaway and leave your name and link back to the blog post for one extra entry. Become a follower to this blog and leave your information in a comment for one extra entry. This giveaway will end on September 12, 2009 at 11:00 PM EST. Open to US residents only and only one comment is allowed per person, unless it it for an extra entry. Contact information (name and e-mail) must be left in comment or be able to find through your profile. When winner has been selected, I will announce the winner on my blog and also contact him/her via e-mail. Another winner will be picked if the original winner has not replied back to me within two days. Good Luck & Have Fun!

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