October 9, 2009

Help To Promote A Fellow Etsy Shop

Help To Promote A Fellow Etsy Shop

It was around this time last year that I kept telling myself how I had plenty of time to create some cute handmade holiday gifts for friends and family. The next thing I knew, I was slammed dunked with final projects for school, decorating the tree so late & running around at the last minute to shop for all those holiday gifts that I wanted to make myself.

With that said, how is it that I found myself saying the exact same thing to myself the other day about how I have plenty of time to create those handmade gifts this holiday season?

HELLO!!!!! Now is the time that I put an end to my holiday gift making procrastination and please feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail to call me out if you notice my procrastination getting the best of me. 

With so many great handmade products on one of my favorite sites, I think it is time to start throwing out ideas, help promote other Etsy Seller's and I would also like to welcome any ideas and/or suggestions from any of you that follow my blog.

Trying to decide which Etsy favorite I would blog about first was very difficult. I can't even begin to tell you how long my list has become on Etsy of favorite items and seller's.

Since I love creating my own handmade magnets, I don't always have the time to create every item that I use to create my magnets myself. That is when I turn to my long list of Etsy Favorite Seller's and recently came across an adorable Retro Christmas Holiday design to use with my magnets.


Masterpiece Designs's is one of my favorite seller's on Etsy when looking for digital collages for my magnets. 

 With such beutiful imagination in her work, I came across a digital collage for Christmas that I would like to share with you and also create magnets with.

If you have a free moment this month, head on over to Masterpiece Design's Etsy Store and check out her wonderful creations of digital collages that include a wide variety of categories such as Fall, Christmas, Hanukkah and so much more!

Masterpiece Designs will be returning from vacation on October 13th so don't forget to take a look at her store next week and let us know what you think or tell us one of your favorite Etsy Seller's!! 

Thank You!

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