December 22, 2009

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Toy Review & Giveaway

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BOLT Interactive Laser Toy Review & Giveaway

 A few weeks ago, Brilliant Pet was kind enough to give me an opportunity to test out their FroliCat Bolt interactive cat toy and write a review here on my blog.

Since my cat already loved playing with a laser pointer that we have, I was very excited to receive the FroliCat Bolt and see if my cat Giz would love it as much as I was predicting he would. Giz is a very playful and active cat that loves attention. He will even meow at you when you stop playing and put the cat toy away. 

With the package arriving very promptly, I waited to open it until my boyfriend arrived home from work so we could both test it out together. We took the FroliCat Bolt out of the package and inserted 4 AA batteries (not included) and it was ready to go. 

Let's just say that it is very safe to say that we had (and still do) have many laughs just watching Giz chase around the laser light.

It was a huge hit for all of us since Giz loved playing with the Bolt and we shared so many laughs just watching him and not having to do anything.

Another bonus that I discovered the next morning when Giz woke me up meowing, which usually means he would like his morning cat treat. Well, after stumbling downstairs with only the thought of coffee in mind, I turned on the FroliCat Bolt on my way to the kitchen. After several minutes went by, I realized that I was almost finished with making my coffee and the cat wasn't meowing like usual. Normally I have to give him his cat treat before making my coffee because he is  so vocal.

After walking around the corner from the kitchen, I noticed that he was just sitting there and getting ready to attack the red light on the floor. I couldn't help but laugh and realize that this was the perfect cat toy!

The FroliCat Bolt provides a bright red dot that automatically moves around the room. There is a lever that will allow you to change the pitch of the internal mirror which allows you to aim the light higher or lower. So it is easy to adjust the Bolt to work in any room regardless of size. The timer allows you to push one button to turn it on, and it automatically shuts of 15 minutes later, which is the perfect amount of time.

FroliCat Bolt has been a big hit in our household and with guests when they stop over for a visit. I even brought it over to my neighbors house and their cat started playing and chasing the red dot right away. Even their dog was having fun!

Purchase:  FroliCat Bolt can be purchased from their website. Click Here for more information.

Win It:  Not only was Brilliant Pet nice enough to let me test out this wonderful cat toy in order to write a review but they are also giving one lucky Visualized By Christy reader the chance to win their very own!

 To Enter:  Tell me why your cat would love to have this toy and if you think he/she will enjoy it as much as my cat did or even more. 
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