September 29, 2010

Printable Coupons! Printable Coupons! Printable Coupons!

Printable Coupons!!   Printable Coupons!!   Printable Coupons!!

I love finding a great printable coupon that I can use in the area that I live, especially restaurants.

After looking at ThriftyGrl's Blog, I noticed that she had several great printable coupons on her blog, not to mention a huge selection of other useful listings.

A few of the printable coupons that ThriftyGrl has listed are:

Office Depot - Save $10 at a $25 purchase (expires Oct. 16th)

LongHorn Steakhouse -  $4 off on your purchase of two adult entrees - (expires Oct. 17th)

Quiznos - Free chip & regular fountain drink when you buy a regular sub, large sub, or regular chopped salad - (expires Oct 11th)

There are many more available when you have a free moment to check them out on Thrifty Girl's Blog.

Thank You & Enjoy!

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