October 28, 2010

Deal A Day - So Many Cities Available - Great Indiana Deal Today

Indianapolis Save For The Day
Gourmet Truffles, Caramels, & More

Eversave does not only serve the Indianapols area but so many other cities. I looked up Chicago to see their deal and it was the same as our deal today. Stop by their site to see if your city is available for daily Eversave deals. Keep in mind that these deals are only offered for a certain amount of time & then they move on to the next deal.
For those of us who are located in the Indianapolis area, today's save deal looks scrumptious and very hard to resist.

Today's save deal is $18 for $40 worth of Gourmet Truffles, Caramels & more from Truffle Truffle.

Looking at the variety Truffles Truffles Gourmet products have on their website is already so temping for myself. With purchasing this great deal myself, it will make a great holiday gift if I can resist ordering their products for myself before Christmas arrives.

Can you tell I have a difficult time resisting anything chocolate or caramel related? I'll have to let you know in a future blog what happens after my deal purchase between now and when the holidays are here.

Stop by Eversave to see this current deal for the Indianapolis area but also check to see if your city is available.

I found this particular deal on the right side as a bonus Eversave deal.

Stop by and leave a comment to let us know what you think and if you purchased on of their daily deals.

Thank You!

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