November 2, 2010

33% Off Printable Borders Coupon

Borders Printable Coupon

Not being 100% sure what others are receiving in their e-mail, I haven't received as many Borders Printable Coupons in my inbox as usual. This is why I was  so excited to receive a 33% off coupon (in store only) to use on any one list price item. 

Valid 11/2/10 through 11/4/10.

Stop by your local Borders and see if there is anything that you would like to purchase. I'm not sure if everybody is awaare of this but these copons can also be used in the cafe/coffee section. I can personally tell you that my boyfriend and friends are always making small jokes about how many times I stop by borders for a latte. I love them all but once their holiday lattee arrives, I will be pretty much living there. My boyfriend and friends have tried to cut me off but nobody can stop me when their holiday coffee and lattes are available. You must try them if you love coffee or a good latte.

Remember that the holidays are around the corner for those who love to finish their holiday shopping early.

Happy Shopping!

Thank You!

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