January 3, 2011

Amazing Eversave Deal That You Should See For Yourself


One Of My Favorite Eversave Deals So Far

I was very impressed when I came across this online Eversave deal after logging on to my computer this morning.

Having the option to upload any photo in order to create a frame made from printed glass that can also be mounted on a wall.

Other information that will peak your curiousity:
Ready to mount

Includes all mounting supplies

Images will not fade

Life-time guarantee for fading/breaking

And so much more
     Offer Expires: 02:59 AM on January 6, 2011

     When you have a free moment, stop by to take a look at this amazing deal, not to mention the fun options that they offer such as a variety of borders, sizes and more.

    Sharing this deal with all of my Visualized By Christy readers is very important but I can also truthfully let you know that after publishing this post, I will be right back to this Eversave deal page to purchase one myself as a gift for a friend.

    Thank You!

    Copyright Note: Images used in this particular blog post are property of from both the Eversave & Fracture websites.

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