March 11, 2011

Free After Rebate Software With Purchase Of Tax Software

Free After Rebate Software

Love free after rebate items? I know I do!

Have you filed your taxes yet? Here are two softwares that are free after rebate if you purchase certain tax related software at the same time.

Take a moment to read the fine print on their rebate forms (located below product description) to see which software rebate purchases required.
Don't forget to check the dates also.

Two of the software's listed in this blog post may be found Fry's website with links provided below:

Software One: Web Easy Professional software 8 that originally costs $39.99. After filling out the two rebate forms, the total will actually come to $-0.01. Such a great rebate deal.
Rebate Forms:
Form One Link & Form Two Link.

 Software Two: A large collection of royalty free clipart for both Mac & Windows.

Form One Link & Form Two Link.

Again, read the rebate details!

Happy Rebate Shopping!

Note: Images & other information is from Fry's website.

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