March 9, 2011

How Sanitized Is A Toothbrush?

A Must See Deal On Eversave About VIOlight Sanitizers

 WOW! I was shocked when I came across this deal on Eversave today. Just last night I was researching why.

Several months ago, I was reading an article (I can't remember from where) about flushing toilets and our toothbrushes. It was enough to gross me out to never want to leave my toothbrush in our mini counter stand anymore.
 Offering information that better describes why was found on the VIOlight website. Here is one snippet listed (more information on their website):
  • Droplets produced by flushing toilets can harbor bacteria and viruses that can remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces. Thus, a person could acquire an infection from an aerosol produced by a toilet.

 Although I am not an expert in this area, after reading all the information they provided, it is worth looking at this great deal on Eversave.

 Eversave is offering $20 for $40 towards toothbrush and other UV sanitizing products. I personally think this deal is worth it.
Happy Sanitizing!

 Note: Images from Violight's website - Affiliate of Eversave

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