March 27, 2011

Linking Here From A Sunday Blog Hop?

Discover My Blog From A Sunday Blog Hop?

I have participated in several blog hops today and if you would like for me to follow you back, feel free to leave a comment.

I love discovering new blogs and find such success through all the blog hops I have discovered so far. Such a great way to meet new bloggers, gain followers, read what other blogs are about and so much more.

Following my blog is in no way required if you would like to leave a comment or stop by once in a while.

Try a blog hop if you haven't already!

Thank you and continue hopping!


mmbear said...

Hi Christy, got your comment on my blog and am returning the favor. When I clicked on join it said I was already following you. I must have done that earlier on another hop. The faces weren't there so I wasn't sure. Thanks for stopping by and am so glad I got rid of the 313 number of followers. I guess I am supersitious and justed wanted that number to go away! Have a great day and lots of luck on the hopping.


Chara Lynn said...

Following you back! Thank you for stopping by! Your blog looks great! Hope you get a minute to check out all the wonderful giveaways, promotions, freebies, and coupons my site has to offer.
Stay Fabulous

Christy said...

Thank you for the comments (love comments) and for following my blog.

Have a nice day!

Christy m.

Shelley said...

following you from the blog hop. hope you can stop by and visit.
God Bless,

tawna6988 said...

Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.

I also do a weekend blog hop, you can link up your blog, twitter, FB, blog frog community etc on open every Friday-Sunday!

Full Of Tips Mama said...

Hello! I am new follower for blog hop. Would love for you to follow me back :-)

Pamela said...

I didn't get around to many Meet and Greet Sunday participants so I'm meeting and greeting on Monday. :-) I'm a new follower and plan on looking around a bit.

Blessings on your Monday.

Christy said...

Thank you to all for following my blog. I am following everybody back and can't wait to take a moment to check out the blogs. :)

Thanks again and have a wonderful week!!