March 9, 2011

Trouble Keeping Track Of Items? Oliver's Labels Is The Solution

Oliver's Labels Product Review

 Do you often search for items but can't seem to find them anywhere? Do the kids come home from school missing an item or two?

Retrieving personal items is a snap when using Oliver's Labels.

 Durable, waterproof and allows you to personalize items such as toys, containers, cell phones and more.

 Easy to apply with an iron, thin/flexible, machine washable and keeps clothing and more from being lost.

A feeling of safety for all parents, especially when visiting theme parks, field trips, not to mention they provide important emergency/contact information. Lightweight and of course waterproof.

 Great for backpacks, lunch boxes, suitcases and anything else you can think of.

 If you think the personalized labels are great, there is another way to keep belongins by adding a photo label. Stick on mostly everything, dishwasher safe and more.

Oliver's Labels offers many other products, great descriptions and a great story shared with how Oliver's Labels came to be.  Take a look around. We could all use a label for something.

See Oliver's Labels new blog also when you have a free moment.

Thank You for reading my product review!

Note: images are from Oliver's Labels website. This is a product review only.

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